Monday, June 8, 2009

Doll (Owners Manual)

Hello New Owner, Meet Doll.

She is a beauty to look at, a great showpiece, friend, and companion! Her glass eyes always sparkle and shine in the light. For your convenience they will only open and close at your command depending on what you want her to see. If Doll sees something you should wish to hide, do not fear... Doll will never break her silence.

Doll has a painted smile on her face. Her pasty porcelain skin, untouched by the sun to prevent damage, is formed into a permanent kind accepting grin. Soft pink lips to mach the rose on her cheeks. She has straight white teeth. Always a pleasant demeanor for you to look at (no one will ever have to see Doll with a sour or disapproving expression on her face). Her lips could never move to tell your secrets, disagree with you or tell you what you are doing wrong.

Doll does not require any maintenance or nag for any attention what so ever. Due to that fact, she may seem a bit faded at times, but that is caused by dust from a long time alone up on the shelf. If her faded appearance bothers you, just take her down and give her a good shake. At that point you can just put her right back up and leave her to sit on show for as long as you wish. Show her off or hide her away whenever you wish.

If you are ever feeling ill or depressed Doll will always be there, just for you. If you need something to hug, or someone to talk to...your deepest thoughts, complaints, fears, or failures Doll is always there to listen. If you simply need to find a way to take out your anger Doll is small and easy to throw into a floor, or wall. If she breaks, seeing as she would need repair, by all means throw her away. No one wants to look at a broken Doll up on a shelf, and taking time to repair her would be a waste of time and money.

(In short): If you wish, hug Doll, and tell you love her (though not required, and you would probably only want to do this when she is new before she gets dusty). When you take her home put her on your shelf. Use her only when you need her. If Doll breaks throw her away. Don't worry about missing Doll after you get rid of her. She will never be missed because you can always buy a new one.

Thank you for your purchase.


  1. great job, jennifer. interesting post. :)

  2. Thanks... It was just something I did in the summer when I was feeling creative. haha :)