Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Destruction Vs. Expansion


The more I live the more my heart breaks and each piece seems to sail away to far away places, or I break off a piece to leave with someone as I depart.

If your heart hasn't broken you haven't lived.

Maybe the goal should not be about having your heart so safe, unscathed and all in one place... but rather to have a heart that is able to be spread out and allow love last where it may.

I am not saying that we should hold on to things that have gone and live in the past. Certainly I think that is a very bad idea and would hinder anyone from growing, experiencing, and continuing to live their life the way they should.

What I am thinking about is that maybe being a whole person is knowing where all of those broken off pieces are and cherishing every place that serves as a home to part of who you are.

We fear a broken heart so much. Maybe we should not view a broken heart as something so terrible. Certainly it is a normal occurrence... surely no one could deny that. What if we looked at it like a mother sending her child off to grow up and live some where else.

She still exists as a whole person, but something that came from her that she cherishes and worked hard to raise is now off to live in a separate place away from her... yet somehow always with her. A mother's child is still a part of her and she will thing of him every day and morn the distance, yet still smile and cherish its existence. More over, maybe a mother with many children is a better example... they are come from her and start in the same place, but eventually grow and move out while she remains with a choice of what to make of her life from that point. This usually includes her children to some extent or another... but also involves the opportunity to expand.

Maybe we should treat the broken off pieces of our heart more like that? I don't know... just a thought?

Instead of holding on and inhibiting growth let that piece go and sail away to where it may live forever. Pray for its safe keeping and move on to live and like many mothers do when their children leave home... take that as an opportunity to start over and have a new lease on life.

Maybe a broken heart isn't mere destruction of something good, but rather an opportunity for expansion.

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