Friday, December 4, 2009

What does it even mean anyway.

Love seems like such a dirty word to me lately. Every time I hear it I smirk and every time I say it, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I am just bitter lately. Resentful might actually be a better word.

I just cannot seem to find a good balance between self sacrifice and the boldness to stand up for myself. There seems to be a disconnect or a blockage that I cannot get past. I cannot get to the point where I speak whats on my mind, and if I do even a little bit it takes a tremendous effort. There is something wrong with that.

This is all meant in the very general sense of just dealing with people.


  1. Become strong and unafraid of speaking the truth to those who are a source of your feeling bitter and resentful. Knowing you, they deserve a good piece of your mind. The wrong is not in you. The wrong is in how they treat you and other kind souls like you so wrongly and poorly. It is in fact, sick! Don't let them do this! The wrong is in those who feel power and satisfaction in ripping pedals off roses ad and in treading on kind and tender hearts such as yours. Protect your heart and your God-given rights. It will give you strength in dealing with these people who fail so miserably that bullying and denegrating is their supreme source of satisfaction.While you can't change them, you can set your boundaries. You are amazingly insightful, Jenny Wren. Don't let those needy people feed off you. You are strong and you can do it, no matter how uncomfortable they try to make it. At some point they have to back down. It's not your job to fix them. Only they can fix themselves if they ever figure it out and have the desire to do so. Meanwhile, both warrior princess and gentle wren, love and peace be to you and your truly compassionate and healing spirit.