Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Box of time.

The way I see it time is in a box. God is not in this box, but he reaches into it, He influences it. We were made to be eternal, like God, but our mixed natures (the created nature and our fallen nature) force us to live in both, or maybe even just one or the other. That might branch off into a different blog post about the choice mankind has to let one nature or the other take over, which would then influence one's view of time, but I'll save that for later... or maybe just not write about it at all.

But back to my original thought, I was thinking tonight that- everything is beautiful at all times. I believe that thought was derived from this:
I think of time in such a way that what is now and what was and what will be all is and flows into itself and each other and its all the same. like time is in a box... and its all there... separated yet the same because it is contained. and everything that is in there influences the rest. That is why everything is beautiful all the time. every individual part and how they relate to each other.
As it relates to me, I am in every moment at once. If something bad is happening... its ok because the good that was and will be is with me right now, in the box as it were. That's what I thought as a kid when I was getting my braces fixed anyway. Of course back then I used creating a philosophy to reason a way to overcome the pain of getting my braces tightened or a tooth pulled, but needless to say it kind of stuck for every other situation in life as I grew up.

I feel that with these mixed natures of the eternal, and the limiting boxed in container of time I need to live in the present and in the eternal both at the same time. With one foot in the box living in the moment, and one foot outside in the eternal of every moment combined.


  1. I just accidentally stumbled across this blog. Good stuff, I'm a theology/philosophy major at a school in a small town in Tennessee. I'm bookmarking this, hope to read some more posts soon.


  2. Thanks! I am a religion major... though I wish I could work philosophy in there too!

    I don't put as much care into this blog as I should, but I thanks for reading! :)